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Unique Investment Opportunity: Whiskey Casks

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U.S Bond Yields

Stocks are sliding as investors contemplate a jump in US bond yields after a government debt auction flopped, reflecting worries that the Federal Reserve will keep rates higher for longer.

Economics made simple.

“Weak treasury sales" refers to a situation where the U.S. Treasury Department is unable to sell as many Treasury securities (such as Treasury bills, notes, or bonds) as anticipated or desired. This could be due to various factors, such as low demand from investors, concerns about the economy or government finances, or a lack of confidence in the direction of interest rates.

When Treasury sales are weak, it typically indicates that investors are less willing to buy U.S. government debt at prevailing interest rates. This can have several implications:

  1. Rising Yields: With weaker demand for Treasury securities, their stock price falls, and their yields (percentage of interest rate) rise. Yields move inversely to prices, so when prices fall, yields rise. Hence, weak Treasury sales can lead to an increase in U.S. Treasury yields.

  2. Market Concerns: Weak demand for Treasuries might signal broader concerns among investors about the health of the economy or the fiscal position of the government. It could reflect worries about inflation, budget deficits, or geopolitical uncertainty.

Learn more about bond yields here.

Full story below.

Market Data

The market is expecting a Core PCE number under 3.7. If above the market could have a negative reaction in equities.

Weak Growth

Salesforce is having growth issues, but this is a hint that the market is very one-dimensional. $SPX goes up or trades in range when NVDA or AMZN does well, Salesforce ($CRM) is a clear example of the struggles of the other companies listed on the stock exchange.


Tip of the week

  1. One trade does not define you. No single trade gives you 5 million dollars from a $500 investment.

    1. Anything is possible, but relying on that .000001% chance and not focusing on learning, and growing your account the smart way can lead you down self-destruction.

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