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Many people were bearish and were caught with their pants down. Not I and not you if you studied our premium notes from the Sunday Read!

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The president said he ultimately wants "fair competition with China, not conflict.  

If China and the U.S can continue to work with and not against each other, I think the growth in the Chinese market may come within the next few years.


$BABA Announcement - Value Investing

Announcement -Though their earnings report this quarter were not as expected, I thin this is best for a swing trade/investment setup. Though the stock price dropped today this does not reflect the qualtity of the company.

As the stock dropped, they have been stacking cash. They are now offering a 1$ dividend per share.

Employment Rate Questions For The Fed!?

I have seen so many unemployed people. After digging around the web, I learned that 15%- 20% of the jobs reported are government jobs.

I also realized that the data doesn’t count per person. This means… a person could have 2 or 3 jobs and still be counted in the report, while another 3 people have no jobs.

My point is, “Are these numbers a true reflection of if we are in a recession or not? For example, if $275,000 jobs were reported, if you take off 52,000 (18%) government jobs and then did not count duplicates, if a person has two jobs, then our numbers would look a lot worse.

The government does a good job of hiding certain information.


Tips of the week

  1. Sometimes less is best. 10/15 great trades a month is better than 50-90.

  2. If you don’t see your setup, STOP OVERTRADING

  3. Join the Free Chatroom and ask questions!

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